Does your business’ site have a blog? If not, it might be time to create one and in this article we’re going to explain why. But first of all, what is a blog?

A blog, is simply a regularly updated page on your site where new material can be added. It acts as a string of updates so you can notify your customers on relevant news and it’s a great way of keeping customers engaged and keeping content up-to-date. Be sure to push your blog on your social media and your Google Business Profile platform as well to even further increase footfall, visibility and customer engagement.

So, why create a blog? Here’s 5 great reasons…

To improve your visibility on search platforms (SEO)

First and foremost, blogs help your SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is a way to make your website search engine friendly, to give you the best possible chance of ranking highly in search results.

Posting content that strongly links to your services or products makes your site more relevant and will increase your traffic. So, if you have relevant content that is posted regularly, you’re more likely to climb those search engine rankings and further increase your website traffic, and thus, sales.

You can read more about SEO here.

To engage with and retain existing clients

Engaging with existing customers is really important. You want to keep the customers you already have interested in your content, so they continue to stay involved. A blog is a great way to do this. It gives the customer a short insight into news relevant to your business.

Keeping it on the shorter side is key. You ideally want to have a reading time under 5 minutes, so the customer stays engaged, otherwise people tend to switch off. A major plus is that having an engaged community does elevate your business and looks positive to potential new customers.

If you’re struggling with content writing, we can help. Read more about it here.

To help generate new leads

A blog article is a great way for potential customers to find out more about you. The first thing they might look at is your home page and About Us page, which will tell them who you are and what you do. But, often, customers want to see a bit more from you.

Your blog will likely contain helpful tips or useful information for your industry and the chances are that the prospect customer is interested, since they are already on your site. Not only that, but it will help build trust between you and your customers as they see you know your stuff and are a reliable business!

To become a thought-leader in your industry

You probably have a lot of insight into your industry, so why not share that? People are always interested to hear from those actually in an industry with thoughts and updates.

Becoming a bit of an expert can only be beneficial to your brand and your business’ online visibility. A simple way to show this is through a blog and it’s not too time-consuming either.

To generate income through partnerships and ad space

We’ve discussed how writing an up-to-date blog can benefit your business’ visibility online and can help you to engage with customers, but did you know that writing a blog can lead to an income?

It’s possible to create partnerships and ad space through your blog, as well as selling your own products or services. If your website uses WordPress, there are several advertising plugins to help get you started.

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