Did you know that lots of businesses use Instagram now? The majority of businesses have now cottoned on to the importance of social media for their success. For many, it begins with Facebook (which has become much more ‘business friendly’ in recent years) and Twitter (also now established as a highly useful business channel). So, it begins with Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately – for many businesses – it ends there too.

There’s nothing essentially wrong with only using two platforms. In fact, it’s far better to focus on a couple than to try to cover every single channel. It’s always better to do a smaller number really well than to do a lot badly. But, the ‘newer’ social media platforms offer plenty of potential for businesses too. Of these, the one that really stands out is Instagram.

Businesses Use Instagram, But Why Instagram?

A few misconceptions exist about Instagram. It has a bit of a reputation for being all about selfies, or just being the place where celebrities post pictures of themselves. But on the quiet, it is fast becoming the place to be for business.

The stats speak for themselves. Firstly, Instagram has much higher engagement rates than Facebook – 15 times higher in fact. And anybody who knows anything about social media will tell you that engagement is the most important thing.

In 2023, statistics showed that 90% of Instagram users follow a business on the platform, and 81% of users use the platform to research new services and products.

How Can You Use Instagram for Business?

Like any social media platform, Instagram has its own style and format that you will need to adapt to. But it also works well with other channels. You can connect it with your other social media accounts. For example, a picture you post on Instagram can be shared automatically on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This extends the reach of your business considerably. Instagram also uses hashtags in the same way as Twitter. Again, this gives you the opportunity to spread your message and reach new followers.

 Businesses Use Instagram to Show a Different Side to Their Business

Another misconception about Instagram is that it only works for big brands who have glossy products to promote. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Small businesses use Instagram with great success too – even those that sell the most everyday or mundane of products.

Instagram is a great opportunity for you to display a different side of your business. It allows you to show the personal side, ‘behind the scenes’ or your brand’s story much more easily than any other social media platform does.

Instagram is great for running competitions. It is fantastic for growing your online community, and it is excellent for promoting user-generated content.

Instagram is also an excellent channel to be creative, experiment and do things a bit differently. And because it is so visual and instant, engagement and interactions are high.

In short, Instagram is great for business.