Google reviews can be a brilliant tool for boosting your business’ online visibility and credibility, but you might be wondering ‘can I turn off Google reviews for my business?’ Well, in this short article we will answer your question and will tell you a little bit more about Google reviews.

What are Google Reviews?

If you already have a Google Business Profile set up, then you will know the answer to this, but for those that are not sure, customers who have purchased products or services from you, can leave a review on your Google Business Profile detailing their experience with you.

If you have not yet set up a Google Business Profile yet, we would recommend doing so, as it is a fantastic way of demonstrating your validity to potential customers. Read this article on how to claim your business on Google for more information.

Can Google Reviews be Turned Off?

To put it simply, Google does not offer the option to delete reviews left on your profile. After all, your profile is there to accurately represent your services and all the positive reviews you will gain!

However, if you have received an unfair review which you believe goes against the Google review guidelines, they do offer the option to flag it. By doing this, Google will check the review and if they deem it to be unfair, then they will remove it. You can rest assured that Google processes all reviews so any inappropriate content will be detected.

Why are Google Reviews Valuable?

It is definitely worth paying attention to the review section of your Business Profile. A whopping 64% of consumers stated that they check Google reviews before they engage with a business.

That being said, you should not automatically assume a small number of bad reviews will ruin your reputation. In fact, a lot of consumers are more likely to trust a business with one or two bad reviews. Whilst you might think this is a bit strange, customers tend to consider reviews as being fake if they are all overwhelmingly positive. So, before you worry too much about a negative review, remember that it could actually be a good thing.

You can, however, ensure that you respond professionally and politely to any negative reviews, which will promote your professionalism and commitment to customers.

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