Claim my business on Google – should you do it? The short answer is yes! Why, you might ask? We’ll go through what you need to know right here. This 5-minute read will explain why claiming your business on Google is beneficial, and we’ll also go through how you do it.

Claim My Business on Google – What Does it Mean?

First of all, we need to discuss what claiming your business on Google means. Simply put, claiming your business profile just links you to that profile and enables you to control the information that Google displays about your business.

If left unclaimed, Google will add business details such as opening hours, description, location but there is no guarantee that this information will be correct.

Claim My Business on Google – What Are the Benefits?

Wondering what the benefits of “claim my business on Google” are? You might be surprised!

Control Your Profile Information

So, as previously mentioned, claiming your business profile on Google enables you to control the information displayed. You can edit the information already there and choose what you want to appear to customers.


You have probably heard about SEO and Local SEO by now, if not, it refers to how well your business ranks in search engines, but you can read more about that here.

Claiming your business on Google boosts your business’ overall online presence


With your newly claimed Google business listing, you will be notified when somebody writes a review of your business as well as being able to respond to any negative ones. This helps you to keep a track of what people think about your product or services.


This feature is again hugely beneficial for Local SEO – it enables your potential customers to make searches such as ‘local butchers near me’ and if your business profile has been claimed, it is more likely to jump up those results!

How to Claim My Business on Google

Start by logging in to a Google account from which you would like to manage your listing. Then simply search for your business from this page, add your details including address, opening times, whether you offer delivery and select which business category best reflects your business.

Google will then need to verify your business which you can do with your phone so it shouldn’t take too long!

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