There are lots of options when it comes to advertising, and Facebook Video Ads is one of them. If you run a business, chances are you’ve considered Facebook advertising. The problem is that there just seems to be so many options. Choice is a good thing, obviously, but it can sometimes make things a bit confusing. Often the problem is that people feel that they don’t know where to begin.

The good thing is, it’s probably a lot easier than you’re imagining, so there’s really no need to worry! We’re here to offer some simple and straightforward advice about how to create great ads for Facebook, and why you should do it.

How to Create Great Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads can be a game changer when it’s done right. However, if you’ve never gone down this route before, you might need a bit of convincing. Why should you create videos for your ads? Is there any real benefit? Do they do better that regular old posts and pictures? We have all the answers.

Facebook Video Ads are Great Because Video Gets the Most Engagement on the Internet

First of all, let’s deal with the reasons why Facebook video ads are the way forward. It would be easy to fill an entire blog full of statistics showing you that video gets the most engagement on the internet. Put simply, if you want to increase engagement and get more clicks, video is where it’s at.

However, it’s not just the fact that video gets the most engagement that you need to never lose sight of, it’s all the other advantages of the format that make Facebook video ads so engaging.

Trust is crucial in business, and video is a great way to build trust. If people can actually see you and hear what you have got to say, you have a much better chance of coming across as authentic. Video can make you more believable.

Video is also a winner when it comes to Google rankings. The more time visitors spend on your site, the higher Google will rank you. Video can also be a great way to repurpose an existing blog, piece of content, or advert. So, you’re not reinventing the wheel – you’re just getting more clicks.

Increasingly, mobile is being used more and more to access the internet. 90% of mobile user watch video on their devices.

Another thing to be mindful of are the opportunities that video gives you. It’s a far more compelling way to tell a story. Thirty seconds of video can say much more than thirty seconds of text. Video is the most effective way of saying a lot with a little.

And if that doesn’t convince you of the power of video, consider this:

Facebook has 2.4 billion active monthly users. These people watch 3 billion hours of video online, every day. 

Facebook Video Ads: Variety is the Spice of Life

A massive bonus of video is its versatility. With a slideshow, it’s easy to turn images and text into an engaging video ad in a matter of minutes. Stories are a really engaging way of making your business centre-stage to your story and message. Stories can also be used on Facebook Messenger too. This means you can speak directly to your followers. Another really engaging feature to use is Carousel. This enables you to include several video clips and photos into a single ad.

How to Set Up Facebook Video Ads

There are several options for creating a Facebook video ad. You need to first ‘Select option’ to create your ad and follow the ‘Continue’ instructions that appear in the pop-up window.

Next, follow the instructions to specify your campaign information. Simply give a name for your campaign, select ‘Video views’ as the ‘Campaign Objective’ and choose your preferences and options.  Now you are in a position to start creating your ad.

Once you have associated the ad with the relevant Facebook page, you can watch a preview by selecting the ‘Ad Preview’ option.

Finally, select ‘Review and Publish’ and your Facebook Video Ad is good to go. Make sure you check out Hootsuite for more detailed advice and tips about video ads for Facebook.