When reaching out to customers for your business, local ones are as important as any! This article will explain why local customers are important to your business and how you can optimise your website and online presence to make them more local-friendly!

The Importance of Local Customers

Local marketing (marketing which focuses on local customers and the local area) is being increasingly used by businesses. Targeting your online marketing towards regional customers can increase sales of products and services, so it’s well worth investing some time into!

Google has stated that more than 80% of internet users search using local terms. This huge figure shows just how valuable local customers can be for your business and why you should pay attention to your local marketing. By focusing on this, you could push your website up in local search engine rankings, gaining more attention from local customers, which in tun is likely to increase website traffic and therefore, sales.

How to Pay More Attention to Local Customers

There are many ways to make your online presence more local-friendly and aimed at local customers. First and foremost, ensure that your website is user-friendly and relevant. Make sure that content is easy to navigate and up to date, so customers can figure out what you do/sell and how to purchase easily. It is also important to have your contact details, namely, name of business, address, and phone number on most website pages, whether that is in the footer or otherwise.

Using local keywords will enable you to tailor content, for example in your blog, towards what local people in your area are searching. Social media channels can also be implemented in your strategy to engage with regional customers and find out what they would like to see in your content. For a more comprehensive article on Local SEO, check out our Local SEO checklist.

Our Local SEO Package

We understand that trying to build a local marketing strategy can be a lot to take on whilst you are trying to simultaneously run your business. Our Local SEO Package helps you to generate more revenue from your local area and customers by improving rankings, increasing traffic, increasing sales leads and growing your reputation. You can read more about this here.

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