When searching for Local SEO agency, it is worthwhile if you know what to look out for and what to try and avoid. This 5-minute read will explain exactly what to look out for and what not to look out for. If you want more information on Local SEO, read our article on the advantages of Local SEO.

Things to Look For

A Good Track Record

One of the best ways to tell if a Local SEO agency does a good job is to check their customer reviews. If they have all negative reviews from previous customers, then that’s a big red flag. Ideally, previous customers will have reviewed the agency in question well, and that should fill you with confidence moving forward.

Whether they Track Analytics

An agency should keep track of data and analytics, so they know what is and isn’t working. After all, strategies require amending and updating constantly and in order to check, you need to keep an eye on all the analytics. A good Local SEO agency will record all this data so you can look back through it and see how it has changed.

How they will Achieve Your Goals

It’s important to discuss your goals with a Local SEO agency so they can tailor the strategy. Have in mind what is most important to you and let them know from the outset. Then they can come back to you with a strategy specific to those goals.

Don’t be scared to ask them to explain things to you and really find out how they will help you to achieve your goals.

Things to Try and Avoid

There are a few things to watch out for when looking for a Local SEO agency, be wary of these red flags…

  • A one-size fits all method: if an agency claims that their strategy is the same for every business then it may be wise to avoid them. Different businesses have differing needs when it comes to Local SEO so keep that in mind.
  • Guaranteed results in a short time frame: Local SEO strategies can take up to 6 months to start showing results so expect a long-term strategy from a good agency.
  • Automated strategies: You don’t really want to employ an agency who uses a completely automated strategy because you lose the nuance of what makes your strategy successful. It’s better to have a personalised strategy.

Get In Touch

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