If you haven’t looked into Local SEO before, now is definitely the time to do so as 46% of all Google searches are made with local intent. At first glance, it can seem complicated, but this article will help to break it down. We’ll look at some key Local SEO Tips shortly, but first, what is it?

Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy to become search engine friendly, to give you the best possible chance of ranking highly in search results. Local SEO is just SEO but focused on local search results. Building a Local SEO strategy is not a quick fix, so don’t expect to see your business rising in local rankings overnight, but if you put the effort it, it definitely will pay off!

Here are 5 tips to get you started…

1. Use Google Business Profile

We could write an entire article on this one and that shows how important it is. Make sure you claim your Google Business Profile because it makes a huge difference when trying to boost your business’ Local SEO.

This profile contains your address, business name, opening hours, contact details, etc and helps your business to show up in local searches. Try to include as much information as possible, including photos, to help build your online local visibility. As your rankings improve, your Google Business Profile listing will show up higher in Local results.

2. Reviews

Reviews are crucial to your local rankings. Whether it’s reviews on your website, on your Google Business Profile or via social media, it all adds up. Of course, everybody wants positive reviews, but don’t panic if you get one or two negative reviews.

The key is how you handle them. Try and respond to all reviews, whether positive or negative but when responding to a negative review, be apologetic, polite and profession to show other customers what you’re about.

3. Create local specific content

Overall, your content will relate to your business’ service and/or products and the industry that you’re in. But, by creating some content about local news or events, you’re producing content that is relevant to your local customers.

Local events or news don’t necessarily have to link to what your business offers, but the local element will tie you together to help boost Local Search rankings.

4. Optimise Your Website

There are a few ways of optimising your site for local searches. The first is to ensure your business’ location is clearly listed on each page (if possible). Google’s algorithms will pick this up once you have built a local SEO strategy and this will be a contributor to rising the rankings.

Secondly, ensure your site is optimised for mobile use. A massive proportion of local searches are performed on mobile devices. If a site is not optimised for mobile use, then customers are less likely to engage with it. For more information on website

5. Social Media

We’ve already discussed local content and a way you take this one step further is to push this on your social media. Use your social media accounts to show that you’re interested in the Local community, other local businesses, news and events.

This will help to drive traffic to your site as well as boosting local search results. Ensure you’re keeping social media posts consistent to the local area as well as your products and services.

How Can We Help?

We know that getting started with a Local SEO strategy can be overwhelming as there is a lot to cover! We offer a Local SEO package which will help you to generate more revenue from your local area. So, if you want to improve rankings, increase traffic, increase sales leads, and grow your reputation, why not get in touch?

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