Keep track of your monthly social media posts and make content creation easier by using a monthly planner!

We have a free download available of our monthly planner that you can use to track, plan and organise your Social Media posts!

Why should you use a planner?

Keep consistent! Regular posting is crucial for maintaining engagement with your audience, keeping a schedule ensures that nothing slips through the gaps. A calendar or monthly planner helps to ensure that you post consistently, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Stay Organised:
The what, why, when and where.
A calendar or planner helps you to keep track of what content is being posted, on which platforms, and when.
Planning it out in an easy to reference way is especially useful when you have more than one account or platform to manage! This also ensures that you don’t have too much repetition of posts – you don’t want to mention your opening hours two days in a row! Make sure that you have a good mix of content and content types, whether that is an educational article, a promotional image or a video showing ‘Behind the scenes’. This variety keeps your feed interesting, engaging and high quality.

Strategic Planning
Planning posts in advance allows you to align your content with other business plans or goals. Celebrating a milestone or a national holiday? Make sure that you have the content lined up and ready to go. Not only does this give you some extra lead time to get the content ready, you can build up to an announcement or big reveal.

Save Time
Batch creating content works a lot like batch cooking – you may have to spend a few hours of solid work to get everything ready, but it does save you time overall! Plus, getting into that creative mindset of coming up with ideas, or image editing etc, you don’t want to interrupt that flow! Block yourself off a few hours of distraction free creation time, and you’ll have more time overall!

Easier to work with a team
If you’re working with a team, a calendar provides a clear plan that everyone can follow. Make communication and cooperation easier by having a clear plan!

Be Proactive
Plan ahead for busy periods, for your peak dates or important milestones.

Brand Consistency
Planning your posts ensures that your messaging is consistent across all platforms. It helps in maintaining a unified brand voice and image, which is crucial for brand recognition and trust.

How to use your social media planner

Either print out the planner and use like a standard planner, or upload it into your favourite editing program.

Make a note of the month in the box at the top to keep track of which month you are planning for.

If you are using multiple platforms or accounts – create a key for easy reference. On our example, we used codes like ‘in’ for Instagram, and ‘FB’ for Facebook. You could use initials, a different code or use the logos themselves if you are using a digital editor to fill out the planner!

And then, you can go through, day by day, adding the content that you want to create for each day.

Make note of special days – like business milestones, national holidays or a release date, and use these reminders to ensure you are doing the relevant promo on the build up to that day!

We also have a low colour version of the monthly planner included in the download! This way, you can print it out and fill it out by hand without using too much ink!

Download this planner as a PDF here! 

Have you found it easier to create content by using a planner? What other sections do you think that this planner needs?

If you are finding social media content creation to be too difficult or time consuming for your business – then why not check out our Social Media Management package?

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