Most businesses have an online presence, whether that is in the form of a website, social media platforms or LinkedIn profile, so if you are one of these businesses, you have probably heard the terms SEO and Local SEO. But what is the difference? Keep reading to find out.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy which makes your website more search engine friendly. This gives you the best chance at ranking higher in search engine results, which is the goal here! Think about how many times you use Google or other search engines daily – it’s probably a lot! So, if you want more people on your business’ website, then you want to really push your website up those rankings, after all, most people tend to focus on the top of the list of the first page.

Any business with an online presence will benefit from SEO, because the more visible you are, the more website traffic you will get. And it goes without saying that the more people there are visiting your site, the higher your sales are likely to be.

SEO strategies involve looking at keyword research, link building, social media management and website content. Read more about our SEO package here.

How Does Local SEO Differ?

So, now you know what SEO is, why is there such an emphasis on Local SEO? Well, this type of SEO is simply SEO with a specific focus on your online presence within local search results. The importance of SEO that is local cannot be ignored, with 97% of users searching online to find a local business and 46% of all searches on Google including local intent.

Constructing an effective Local SEO strategy will generate more revenue from your local area. It is all about growing your reputation and improving those local rankings to increase traffic and therefore, sales. These SEO strategies will be slightly different to SEO ones, focusing more on things like Google Business Profile and Local Directories as well as keyword research and website content. If you would like to find out more, one of our previous articles discusses the importance of Local SEO.

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