Shine On Social Media Has Rebranded

Shine On Social Media has rebranded! Many of our customers didn’t realise that alongside our fantastic social media management service, we also offer a wide range of digital marketing services. That is why we have rebranded from Shine On Social Media to Shine on Digital. We felt it was time not only for a shiny new look but also to make businesses aware of the wide variety of services we can offer.

Shine on Digital provides a full range of digital marketing services to help businesses reach their goals. Whether you’re looking to increase your footfall, get noticed online or grow your social media presence, we can help.

Digital Marketing Services from Shine on Digital

Alongside our well established social media management services, Shine on Digital offers a full complement of digital marketing services and strategies to expand your businesses. Read on to find out about some of the services that we offer.

Website Building, Audit and Management

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial that your business has an online presence. A website is the easiest way to ensure anyone with internet access can find out who you are and what your business can offer them. In this digital age, your website is likely to be your first contact with potential customers, so it’s vital that it creates a good first impression. Your website needs to both look good and perform well.

Here at Shine on Digital, we have years of experience in web design so you can be assured that we can create a stunning bespoke website that you can be proud of.

In addition to website design and building, we can also offer ongoing website management and auditing services. Think of website audit as being similar to a car MOT- it’s a way of checking how well your website is performing and what can be done to improve it, in order to ensure that your site works as hard as you do.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) ensures your website works well with search engines such as Google. It improves the visibility of your website, giving it a better chance of appearing in search results. The higher your website features in a list of search results, the more likely it is that a potential customer will click through and visit it.

Shine on Digital offers a full range of SEO services, including SEO Audit, Keyword Research, Link Building and Content Marketing. For more information on any of these, please see our services page on Search Engine Optimisation or get in touch.

Adwords Management

Adwords or Google Ads is a form of advertising known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. It means businesses can create adverts to appear in Google searches. This drives targeted traffic to your website, bringing business to the attention of potential customers who are already searching for what you offer.

Shine on Digital’s Google Ads Management Service offers our expertise in Adwords Management from the planning and development stage right through to auditing and evaluation. We can tailor your campaigns to meet your specific goals and offer ongoing support to ensure they deliver results for your business.

Google Business Profile and Local SEO

If your business has a bricks and mortar presence or offers local services, you need to ensure that potential customers in your local area know what your offer and how to find you- whether physically or digitally.

Google Business Profile is a free service, but as with social media, it requires ongoing management and updates to offer optimal results for your business. Shine on Digital can do this for you with our Google Business Profile Management Package.

Local SEO is another way we can help bring your website to the attention of potential customers in your local area, by ensuring that it appears in search results when people in your locality search for a service you offer.

Here at Shine on Digital, we understand that digital marketing isn’t just about attracting customers online, but in-person too, and we can use our knowledge and expertise to help increase footfall to your local business.

New Name, Same Great Service

Shine On Digital has been delivering results for our customers for over twenty years and that’s one thing that won’t change! You can still expect to receive the same honest service and great results, no matter which of our digital marketing services you use.

Get in Touch

Choosing the right digital marketing services for your business is crucial for success. At Shine On Digital, we understand that every business is unique and we want to help you achieve your goals in a way that suits the needs of your individual business.  To enquire about any of our services or chat about how Shine on Digital can help you grow your business, give us a call on 01706 482017 or get in touch!