Tips To Run A Successful Social Media Campaign

Here are some great tips to run a successful social media campaign:

The first step in building a successful social media campaign is to establish a presence. Of course, this is the easy part. All you need to do is set up a couple of social media profiles on different platforms and start posting content and you’re done!

But this won’t get you very far. But it is true that posting regularly and consistently is crucial. It is important that your audience begins to see that you are posting on a regular basis. They will recognise this. They might not engage with you much at first – that bit does take time. But it will come, if you stick at it.

Turning social media presence into social media influence

Even just maintaining a consistent social media presence can be very time-consuming. It’s a relentless business. You need to continually think of new content to post. This requires research. You need to constantly have your eyes wide open and your ears to the ground to keep abreast of industry news, local events or whatever it is that you choose to focus on.

Ensuring that the well of content never runs dry is a real commitment but it is absolutely critical. It’s important that you post regularly but it’s what you post that is vital. If your audience sees that you are consistently posting useful content, your presence turns into influence. This ultimately converts more of your audience from potential customers into paying clients.

Social media isn’t all about you. It’s about them

In a social media campaign you are obviously promoting your products or services. That is the ultimate goal. But, this shouldn’t be directly about sales or conversions. For example, a local business might use a social media channel primarily to emphasise and promote their interest in the local community. They might post very few ‘salesy’ posts at all. But, for the audience, this is keeping that business ‘front of mind’ all the while.

So, when people eventually need the products and services that the business offers, who do they immediately think of? 

A social media campaign needs a plan

You need to consider what your goals are for each social media platform you have a presence on. The goal can be different for each one. After all, you could be reaching out to quite different audiences. Next, you need to decide on the type of content you intend to post. Again, this can be different across platforms but the ‘voice’ you adopt should remain consistent on each. From this point, you can begin plan your content.

Then it’s a question of deciding how your social media strategy fits into your wider content marketing plan. This is how your social media campaign will have maximum impact.