What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Social media is everywhere these days – it’s even in the news most of the time. With more people than ever before on social media, and billions of dollars flowing to the industry every year, is it any wonder that it’s become a crucial important marketing tool for businesses? But just what are the benefits of social media marketing, and how can Shine On Digital apply them to your business?

Here are a few of the biggest benefits:

Great Customer Insights

Want to know what your customers are thinking? They’ll tell you on social media! Paying attention to what your customers are saying, and where they are active online, is called “social listening”, and it allows you to tailor the voice and content of your social media marketing to fit what those customers like. It also allows you to gather detailed feedback on your own efforts in a way that no other advertising medium can!

Boosted Brand Recognition

Activity on social media helps introduce your brand to new potential customers, and provides a sense of familiarity to existing customers. Any chance you have to allow people to get to know your brand should be taken – and social media lets you do this better than any other platform. It is, after all, social, so get out there and start giving people something to see!

Very Low Start-Up Costs

The time and money investment in a social media profile is absolutely minimal – but it is important to populate it with content. Just a few hours a week is enough to create an increased return on investment – or, with the help of an expert social media marketing agency like Shine On Digital, you could soar even higher with ROI-boosting content and strategy!

Better Conversion Rates

People like to do business with companies that they feel comfortable with, who have the support of other people, and who feel trustworthy and friendly. A good social media presence and a large following ticks all these boxes, humanising your brand and providing a “social proof” from all your followers that you are worth following.

It seems simple, but this really does drive conversion rate through the roof – studies have shown that social media has a conversion rate a full 100{00980540bcd155f5311d0748246f3b2b9c9965ab2fcfcc1ad276bd9a6bd97960} higher than that of outbound marketing!

Customer Service Opportunities

Social media is now the top customer service channel used, according to 54{00980540bcd155f5311d0748246f3b2b9c9965ab2fcfcc1ad276bd9a6bd97960} of consumers. That’s because it offers brands a unique chance to respond to customer problems or questions at any time of day, in a short time frame, and in a public forum. While this can be a double-edged sword, good customer service on these terms has the potential to be seen and rewarded by many, many more people than just the customer who made the original post, promoting your business (and its great customer service) even further.

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