Why is Internet Marketing For Businesses in Rossendale So important During The Lockdown? 

There’s a mistake that many businesses make. When times are tough, the first thing that often gets cut is the marketing budget. Although this is perfectly understandable, it’s also false economy. And in unprecedented times, as we find ourselves in at the moment with the coronavirus crisis, it’s even more likely to happen. Indeed, you may have come across advice telling you to stop marketing altogether whilst we are in COVID-19 lockdown. But that would be a mistake too. In fact, Internet Marketing for businesses has possibly never been as important as it is right now.

COVID-19 Has Changed the Way We Live 

Nobody really needs reminding how much life has changed in lockdown. After all, we are all living it and experiencing the same things. However, it’s worth considering whether some of the changes we’ve been forced into will actually become habits and ‘the new normal’ of the future.

Both consumer behaviour and business operations have been impacted on considerably. People who would not normally have used the internet to shop, communicate or even work, now do so with an increased confidence. Much of this digital change has been forced upon us – especially those who are now working from home rather than the office – but it’s unlikely that we will want to discard everything from the last couple of months and return to the way things were before.

Similarly, the way we consume and buy products has changed. There are now an increasing number of people who are willing to order things online. For some businesses, it’s the only way they can operate at the moment, but the opportunities it brings for both businesses and customers won’t just be forgotten once the lockdown is lifted.

The savviest local businesses were quick to exploit opportunities to offer local delivery and a ‘shop local’ messages. For many, this will have been a new way of selling, but it’s one that will remain popular once we come out of the other side of the current crisis.

So, now more than ever the internet is the place your business needs to be. In some countries, such as Italy, internet traffic is up by over 100{00980540bcd155f5311d0748246f3b2b9c9965ab2fcfcc1ad276bd9a6bd97960}. In the UK, it’s up by more like 78{00980540bcd155f5311d0748246f3b2b9c9965ab2fcfcc1ad276bd9a6bd97960}. Download speeds are down, but the internet is coping with the increased demand.

The internet is your new shop window. Internet marketing and social media marketing are how you put a display in the window.

Digital Marketing Strategies During Lockdown

Although these are precarious times for businesses, the worst thing to do would be to panic and abandon all internet marketing altogether. Firstly, cover the basics – such as updating opening hours, services and special offers on Google My Business. If you need assistance, we offer a Google My Business Management Package – just call, and we can chat through your requirements.

Secondly, take advantage of the potential ‘extra time’ that lockdown has given us. Focusing on your customers and managing the reputation of your business is all-important. There’s never been a better time to produce useful content, such as blogs, for your audience. You could also use the time to update and refresh your website – the FAQ section, for example.

With more people online than ever before, a Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaign is worth thinking about. It should be a given that you maintain a presence and continue to communicate with your audience on social media too 

It goes without saying that the overriding concern for any business right now is to stay safe. People are more important than profits and everybody has a shared responsibility to follow the sensible and reasonable guidance that we have been given to help us to stay safe.

You might want to check out the Rossendale Connected Hub. This new service opened at the end of March. It aims to support individuals and families within the community who are facing challenges as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

Finally, get in touch for free online marketing audit. We can offer you advice on how you could improve the internet marketing and social media marketing for your business.