Social media is one of the hottest topics in marketing – these days, it’s easily one of the most vital aspects of any marketing plan, in any industry. So what exactly makes it so important? And why should your business invest in social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing is Cost-Effective Advertising

Savvy social media use is great for a business for a number of reasons – building brand authority, boosting marketplace awareness and providing customer service are all great – but first and foremost, business is about getting a return on investment, and few advertising methods can achieve this like social media marketing can.

When it comes to ad campaigns, it’s impossible to beat the cost-efficiency of social media. Signing up in the first place is free, and if you decide to opt for paid ads, then you’ll find a suite of targeting options and optimisation abilities which let you target the customers most likely to convert.

With access to more information than any other advertising platform, social media ads can be tailored incredibly well, and your bids can be set at levels which consistently bring a good return on investment, avoiding wasted advertising budget. Start small and figure out what works for your business before investing more, or work with expert social media marketers for high-quality results on a faster timescale.

Provide Great Customer Service With Social Media Marketing

Another leading feature of any business social media presence is the ability to engage with customers, making customer service quick and easy. This is a double-edged sword, since your customers can post on your business’ wall or tweet to you, both of which are publicly visible – but it also means that a timely and satisfying response to the customer’s issue can be a big win for your PR!

Social Media Marketing Builds Brand Authority and Boosts Your SEO Rankings

When people see your business on social media, having positive interactions, posting good quality content and replying to customer questions and problems, it reassures them that you are a caring and helpful business, and builds their positive opinion of you. It also helps once you reach the point of having customers talking positively about your business on their walls and timelines, since they’re basically advertising on your behalf at no cost to you!

It’s not just your brand authority that can be built on social media, though – in the ever-evolving and infinitely complex world of modern SEO, an active and successful social media profile for your business also helps to signal to search engines that yours is an engaged, vibrant business, and can directly boost your search engine rankings.

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